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Why Bhutantravelcations?

Why Bhutantravelcations?

Our itineraries are exclusively designed for life-long learners and provide the opportunities to -submerge themselves in local culture, go off the tourist paradigm, and step out of their comfort zones to acquire more about the last SHANGRI-LA. We are proud for being the first travel company to offer our travelers to explore and discover like locals and indeed we are the first travel company offering day in the life, a privilege for travelers to experience first-hand testimony and to understand real Bhutan. We indeed again the first travel company to prioritize on solo travelers and private tours.

We practice Responsible Tourism

Royal Government of Bhutan had a clear vision on tourism since the late 70s when tourism was introduced in Bhutan. “High Value, Low Impact” is an enlightened policy to maintain our status as last Shangri-la. As a responsible tour operator, consider local cultures and the environment. You will be well sensitized about the local cultures and etiquette and together, let us keep Bhutan clean, green and away mass tourism.

Financial Responsibility

Being the first travel company in Bhutan to in involve locals and monks with our travelers spontaneously, the money just don’t fall in the hands of hotels and government related agencies, in fact one goal of our company is to involve a community school and outdoor clinic in a remote part of Bhutan where by the money reaches all the way to grass root level. Our trips offer you the best value for your money. All our trips are exclusive, honestly priced, and well-paced. Your visit incorporates the best of all the far-flung places, stay in the most charming local accommodations or best campsites and run into fascinating and passionate locals.

Requirements from you

As simple as “be locals to accumulate and discover inner self; will lead to life changing moments.